Partner with the Educational Leader

Schoolnet's Instructional Improvement System (IIS) has been developed to ensure that our K-12 district customers meet their most important educational and instructional needs. Pearson believes that a key requirement for any successful IIS implementation is tight integration with other technology, content, and service providers.

Pearson forms close partnerships with best-in-breed providers of education technologies, content, and services, who recognize Pearson as the premier provider of Instructional Management Solutions for K-12 school districts, and who share our company values - especially our commitment to improving student achievement through use of technology and data.

Pearson partners with industry experts to leverage their technologies, best practices, and business successes, thereby enhancing the integrated experience for school district administrators, faculty, and students. The products and services of our partner companies complement and enhance the Schoolnet suite of products, allowing us to offer a comprehensive, user-friendly solution capable of supplying all our school district's educational technology needs.

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