Classroom management tools that help teachers focus on instruction

GradeSpeed is an easy-to-use, fully browser-based grade book that provides teachers with a variety of classroom management tools that help streamline and reduce administrative tasks so that they can bring the focus back to instruction. GradeSpeed's simple interface enables teachers to record student grades, rubric-based observations, assessments, attendance, behavioral data and more to monitor and improve student performance.

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GradeSpeed's incredible ease of use - and popularity with teachers - is perhaps best exemplified by the gradekeeping page

With GradeSpeed, usability and productivity are designed into every detail

Key Features and Benefits

GradeSpeed offers teachers many powerful tools for managing their classrooms:

  • Seamless delivery of assessment data from the Schoolnet Instructional Management Suite to a teacher's Gradespeed Gradebook. With this integration, teachers save valuable time and they are able to see the "whole picture" at a glance right from their gradebook.
  • Teachers can review and revise cycle and semester grades, and have many options for managing assignments
  • Additionally, teachers can produce progress reports for each student in their gradebook, as well as a number of other grade and attendance reports
  • Teachers can associate each assignment with specific state objectives
  • Teachers can organize their seating charts to match the physical layout of their classrooms. They can control the student data that is displayed in this view, and take attendance directly from the Seating Chart
  • Teachers can also take attendance from the gradebook with a "one-click" attendance page

Technical Specifications

Schoolnet's Web-enabled, zero footprint applications are designed to industry standards:

  • Open and interoperable
  • Microsoft® .Net Framework
  • Microsoft® Internet Explorer 6.0 and higher, Apple Safari 1.3 and higher, or Mozilla Firefox 1.0 and higher
  • Microsoft® SQL Server 2005

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