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Instructional Improvement

Schoolnet's Instructional Improvement System

Districts and States across America are partnering with Schoolnet to implement the most comprehensive, tightly integrated data-driven education software in K-12 education, Schoolnet's Instructional Improvement System (IIS).

They are marrying together tools for data analysis and reporting, formative assessment, standards-aligned curriculum, response to intervention, and educator development management, all in one platform to improve educational decision-making at all levels of their education communities. And, they are achieving extraordinary efficiency, results, and ROI in the process:

  • Increasing student achievement
  • Increasing teacher efficiency and effectiveness through data-driven instruction management
  • Enhancing central office productivity via one user-friendly platform that works with SIS data
  • Compliance with NCLB adequate yearly progress (AYP) reporting and assessment standards requirements
  • Building professional learning communities through teacher portals and learning management systems
  • Communicating and engaging more continuously with parents through parent portals

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To find out more about how the Schoolnet Instructional Improvement System can help drive achievement in your District or State, please call 1 (877) 873-1550, or contact us here. Back to top