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Schoolnet Instructional Management Suite

Schoolnet Instructional Management Suite (IMS) enables districts to improve student achievement and drive efficiencies by bringing together all of your district's programs and initiatives around assessments, curriculum, instruction, and reporting and analysis into a single user-friendly platform. Schoolnet IMS empowers educators to make informed instructional decisions, deploy a standards-based curriculum to ensure consistent and rigorous instruction, and administer formative assessments to help educators identify needs, differentiate instruction, and track student progress every day.

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Districts that combine Schoolnet's Instructional Management Suite with our educator development solutions will have the most holistic, integrated, and advanced system for driving student achievement ever available, the Schoolnet Instructional Improvement System (IIS). All in one platform, districts can improve educational decision-making at all levels of their education communities and achieve extraordinary efficiency, results and ROI in the process.

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