Collaboration Tools

A powerful tool to improve communication and collaboration among the entire district and education community

Schoolnet's Outreach is a web-based communication and collaboration component that provides districts with a single, unified presence to disseminate information, actively engage the community in the instructional process, and cultivate professional communities of educators and learners.

Outreach provides a venue for disclosure of day-to-day school news, calendars, announcements, and class materials, as well as providing districts and teachers with a venue for sharing best practices and general collaboration.

Outreach's easy-to-use content management tools allow schools and individual teachers to easily develop and maintain Web pages without support from district technical resources. Educators can create, permission, and manage content pages, discussion forums, calendars, polls and more.

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Key Features and Benefits

Teachers and instructional staff can:

  • Provide a single, unified Web presence across the entire district
  • Collaborate on and communicate general school or classroom information with peers, leadership, parents, students, and the community to share ideas and leading practices
  • Communicate and share knowledge through discussion forums and Web pages
  • Create, update, and view school and district-wide events, as well as individual schedules
  • Disseminate information online throughout the community to encourage communication and keep constituents informed and involved
  • Connect directly with other district users any time from virtually anywhere

Technical Specifications

Schoolnet's Web-enabled, zero footprint applications are designed to industry standards:

  • Open and interoperable
  • Microsoft® .Net Framework
  • Microsoft® Internet Explorer 6.0 and higher, Apple Safari 1.3 and higher, or Mozilla Firefox 1.0 and higher
  • Microsoft® SQL Server 2005

Calendars track and manage district, school and individual events

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