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From Albemarle to Colorado Springs, Atlanta to Chicago, dozens of districts rely on Schoolnet to help improve education with data

With comprehensive instructional improvement systems, RTI resources, and educator development and effectiveness solutions, Schoolnet provides more ways to help all district constituents achieve as never before.

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Reporting and Analysis

The reporting and analysis component of the Schoolnet IMS provides administrators with interactive Key Performance Indicator (KPI) dashboards that offer at-a-glance views of current performance - with the ability to easily drill down from district-level views to individual student data with just a few clicks.

Formative Assessment

Schoolnet's comprehensive benchmarking and formative assessment solution gives districts all the tools required to implement district-wide assessment programs. With this one solution, districts can create, manage and deploy a variety of classroom, school and district-wide assessments - while teachers, principals and administrators can immediately access student assessment results for real-time course correction.

Curriculum Management

The curriculum management component of the Schoolnet IMS gives teachers desktop access to student assessment data, standards-aligned curriculum and student profiles - while also making it easy for district C+I teams to create, manage and deploy a consistent, standards-based curriculum.

Response to Intervention

When combined with the Instructional Management Suite, Schoolnet's Response to Intervention solution provides an invaluable enhancement to the general education process. Leveraging the wealth of student information available in the Schoolnet IMS, the solution makes it easy for district and school level staff to define thresholds for at-risk students and systematically refer them for RtI programs.

GradeSpeed Gradebook

GradeSpeed provides teachers with a variety of classroom management tools that help streamline and reduce administrative tasks. Teachers can record student grades and standards-based assignments, rubric-based observations, assessments, student attendance and behavioral data.

PD Planner

Schoolnet's PD Planner enables districts to closely manage all aspects of professional development - while also empowering administrators with the data needed to drive key decision-making around PD resource allocation and PD effectiveness as it relates to teacher quality and student achievement.

District Portals

Schoolnet provides districts with scalable, web-based communication and collaboration solutions that enable a single, unified presence through which to disseminate district, school, and classroom information, actively engage the community and key constituents in the instructional process, and cultivate communities of educators and learners.

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