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Schoolnet is the optimal partner to implement Data Systems and Local Instructional Improvement Systems

With a decade of expertise developing large-scale, proven-effective Instructional Improvement Systems - systems that have helped districts large and small from Chicago to Albemarle ignite achievement - Schoolnet is optimally suited to help you build a state-wide solution.

Our unsurpassed experience developing, implementing and supporting comprehensive data-driven systems gives you a level of efficiency and assurance that cannot be matched by other providers - or by "a build your own" approach.

Importantly, Schoolnet is also ideally suited to help your districts implement Local Instructional Improvement Systems (LIIS) - so you can make the state-to-local "achievement connection" that is critical to sustained and systemic improvement.

Schoolnet's solutions and services can help you:

  • Increase the acquisition, adoption, and use of local instructional improvement systems that provide teachers, principals, and administrators with the information and resources they need to inform and improve their instructional practices, decision-making, and overall effectiveness.
  • Provide effective, data-informed professional development, coaching, common planning and collaboration for teachers and principals - especially in the areas of analyzing and using data

Make the state to local "achievement connection"

The market-leading LIIS, Schoolnet's Instructional Management System integrates and transforms multiple data sets into knowledge for teachers, principals and administrators. In addition, it helps transform that knowledge into increased student and school performance. This comprehensive solution brings together:

  • Reporting & Analysis: The reporting and analysis component of the Schoolnet IMS provides Key Performance Indicator (KPI) dashboards that offer at-a-glance views of current performance at the state, district and individual school levels - with the ability to easily drill down from higher-level views all the way to individual student data.
  • Formative Assessment: Schoolnet's comprehensive benchmarking and formative assessment solution gives states and districts all the tools required to implement formative assessment programs. With this one solution, districts can create, manage and deploy a variety of classroom, school and district-wide assessments - while teachers, principals and administrators can immediately access student assessment results for real-time course correction.
  • Curriculum Management: The curriculum management component of the Schoolnet IMS makes it easy for state curriculum and instruction teams to create, manage, and deploy a consistent, standards-based curriculum state-wide and district-wide.

Coaching and collaborating for data-driven improvement

In the equally essential area of "data-informed professional development, coaching, common planning and collaboration," Schoolnet's Data Coach for Teacher Teams provides principals and teachers with a step-by-step protocol for using multiple data sources to drive planning and collaboration.

Through Data Coach certification, states and districts can build a critical mass of educators at the school level who:

  • Know what data to use and how to use it to make strategic instructional changes at the classroom level in order to continuously improve achievement
  • Foster a culture of data use and propagate data expertise
  • Establish schools as true learning communities where teachers share best practices and resources to impact district-wide performance
  • Model a climate where each individual teacher can make a difference for each child

Data Coach for Teacher Teams is a true "force multiplier." With it, districts can scale their schools' capacity to increase and sustain success.

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