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Schoolnet data-driven education solutions are designed with teachers in mind

These easy-to-use tools help make teachers more effective and productive in the pursuit of higher and higher student performance.

Formative Assessment

Schoolnet's comprehensive benchmarking and formative assessment solution enables teachers to create, manage and deploy a variety of classroom assessments - while also providing immediate access to student assessment results for real-time course correction.

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Curriculum Management

The curriculum management component of the Schoolnet IMS gives teachers desktop access to student profiles, student assessment data, standards-aligned curriculum and supplemental resources - all the data and tools they need to individualize instruction.

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Response to Intervention

When combined with the Instructional Management Suite, Schoolnet's Response to Intervention solution provides an invaluable enhancement to the general education process. With it, teachers can use standards-based assessment data to accurately diagnose the individual strengths and weaknesses of each child with an RtI plan to help target instruction.

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GradeSpeed Gradebook

GradeSpeed provides teachers with a variety of classroom management tools that help streamline and reduce administrative tasks. Teachers can record student grades and standards-based assignments, rubric-based observations, assessments, student attendance and behavioral data.

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Parent Notifications and Alerts

With ParentConnection, teachers and parents can get connected and stay connected with regard to student assignments, attendance records, report cards, disciplinary incidents and more. Teachers also can send notes and attachments to parents - and automatically alert parents via email, phone call or text message when their children receive low grades or are marked absent.

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Parent Portals

Schoolnet's Parent Portal gives teachers an easy, web-based way for to engage parents. Now, parents and families can securely view information related to their children's academic performance, including assessment results, course grades and teacher observations.

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